Experience Superior Streaming with Stunner TV

The World of Streaming TV is constantly evolving. The Big Tech companies and Major Media organizations would have you believe that you need a dozen different streaming apps, paying out hundreds of dollars a month, to get basically the same content you get with a single Cable TV subscription, and for less. They also want to make you think that only they can provide this content… and its just not true. And that’s where Stunner TV is the solution to your Streaming TV needs.

Instant Activation

Two day, no obligation trial with full complete access to Stunner TV App & Plex. Experience the complete Stunner TV difference.

Auto Payment

Recurring billing saves you time, money and effort. Deactivate instantly and easily. Never miss another game or payment.

Live & On-Demand

Everyone asks, what channels do you get, what content do you have. It's quicker and easier to say "what don't we have". Nada.


What if you learned that you could watch virtually every Television Network, every local TV Station, every game, sporting event, broadcast specials, even pay-per-views…  inside one app, using one service.  What if you learned this included virtually every Movie and TV Show, ever.  This isn’t a “What If”, this is Stunner TV.

Live TV

Network TV, Local TV Channels. National Sports Channels. Premium Content. Special Events.

On-Demand Movies

The World Wide Web is the Home to almost Everything. Our Indexing Service will fill your TV.

On-Demand TV Shows

Are You Ready To Cut the Cord, Dump the Dish and Stop Getting Abused by Big Name Streamers.

Plex Movies

Your service not only includes the in-app Stunner TV indexed library of Movies, but an expansive, all-inclusive library served via the Plex application.

Plex TV

The indexed library includes not only Movies, but TV Shows, Sporting Events, PPV Racing, MMA and WWE/AEW too. Next day availability of nearly everything.